Trust Land Performance Assessment Project

Charting a Course for the Future

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As a trust lands manager, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources generates intergenerational revenue that supports healthy rural communities, schools, and social services. 
In partnership with the Legislature (through ESSB 6095, section 7105) and stakeholders, DNR is leading an effort to transform state trust lands management to achieve a prosperous, sustainable future for trust beneficiaries and the people of Washington.  

Public Webinar

On April 28, 2021, DNR held a webinar for members of the public to learn:
  • The results of the Trust Lands Performance Assessment,
  • The proposed scope of work for the project going forward, and
  • Initial ideas DNR is considering for future actions.
The presentation from the webinar is available to view here.
DNR held a public comment period from April 28 to May 12 on the scope and ideas presented in the webinar. A summary of the comments can be found here. The comment summaries were presented to the Board of Natural Resources at their June 1, 2021 meeting. 

Legislative Report

In January 2021, DNR submitted a report to the Washington State Legislature summarizing to date the progress on this comprehensive effort. This report provides a summary of analyses, findings, challenges, opportunities, and initial ideas for transforming the state trust lands portfolio.

Trust Land Portfolio Evaluation

As part of this effort, DNR engaged Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics to perform a Trust Land portfolio valuation for the TLPA. This comprehensive assessment sought to:
  1. Estimate the value of state trust lands.
  2. Report on the return on investment provided by income from the land.
  3. Provide recommendations on ways to improve or enhance operations and returns.

Non-Market Environmental Benefits and Values

This report provides a valuation of the ecosystem services, recreation, and carbon storage benefits provided by the state trust lands portfolio. 




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Outreach Materials

Presentation prepared for the Washington State School Directors Association -- Focus on State Forestlands and Common School Trust