Recreation Openings

The following is currently in effect: 

  • The lawful discharge of firearms for target shooting is currently open statewide. 
  • Day-use sites remain open in all counties. Sites are open one half-hour before sunrise and one-half hour after sunsetLearn more.
  • Phase 2 and Phase 3 counties are open for camping. Some campgrounds may be closed due to seasonal closures, renovations, or forest management operations. 
  • Know what campsite you want to visit? Check here to make sure it is open.




What are DNR's regions? Download the map. Learn more about DNR's regions.


Northeast Region click to enlarge NE Region Map with Counties

All the campgrounds in the Northeast are open for camping. 
  • Chopaka Lake, Cold Springs, Douglas Falls Grange Park, Dragoon Creek (will be closed after Labor Day), Flodelle Creek, Leader Lake, North Fork Nine Mile, Palmer Lake, Rock Creek (Loup Loup), Rock Lake, Rocky Lakes, Sheep Creek, Sherry Creek, Skookum Creek, Sportsman's Camp, Starvation Lake, and Toats Coulee.
Day Use
The following sites are open for day use only: 
Questions? Please call the region office at 509-684-7474.


Northwest Region click to enlarge NW Region Map with Counties

The following campgrounds are open:
  • Beaver Plant Lake, Big Greider Lake, Cutthroat Lakes, Cypress Head, Griffin Bay, Les Hilde, Lily Lake, Little Greider Lake, Lizard Lake, Lower Ashland Lake, Lummi Island, Pelican Beach, Point Doughty and Upper Ashland Lake. 
Day Use
Blanchard Mountain is open. Restrooms are open but only serviced periodically. 
  • This includes the following recreation sites for day use only: Blanchard Lower Trailhead, Blanchard Upper Trailhead, Samish Overlook, Lily Lake, Lizard Lake, and Les Hilde Trailhead.
Harry Osborne is open. Restrooms are closed until further notice.
Natural Areas and San Juan Island recreation sites are mostly open. 
  • This includes Cattle Point, Cypress Island, Lummi Island, Morning Star and Griffin Bay. Point Doughtyand Upright Channel's restrooms will reopen Oct. 17. 
  • Access to sites in ​Morning Star NRCA is dependent on snow level and other early-season trail conditions. 
  • Backcountry restrooms in Morning Star, if accessible, are available for use, but are serviced in infrequently.
North Mountain is open. No restrooms at this site. 
Reiter Foothills is open. Restrooms available. 
Walker Valley ORV is open. Restrooms available. 
Questions? We can also be reached at or by phone at 360-856-3500.

Olympic Region click to enlarge Olympic Region Map with Counties

All the campgrounds in this region are open for camping. This includes:
  • Bear Creek, Coppermine Bottom, Cottonwood, Hoh Oxbow, Lyre River, Minnie Peterson, South Fork Hoh, and Upper Clearwater.
  • Yahoo Lake access will be closed from Monday, Sept. 21 until Thursday, Sept. 24.
All recreation sites are open for day use only, including Damon Point.    
Day Use
Natural Areas such as Natural Resources Conservation Areas (NRCA) and Natural Area Preserves (NAP) are open. No restrooms available.
Little River Trail
  • The portion of the Little River Trail that is on DNR-managed lands (from the trailhead to mile 1.5) will be closed due to forest management operations from Oct. 26 - Oct. 30, 2020.
Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact staff directly, email us at or call 360-374-2800.

Pacific Cascade Region click to enlarge PC Region Map with Counties

These campgrounds are open. This includes Dougan Creek, Merrill Lake, Rock Creek (Yacolt), Snag Lake, Tunerville, Western Lake, and Winston Creek.
This includes Cold Creek campground is currently closed.
Day Use
Natural Areas are open for day use only.
Natural Areas are closed for day use only.
Yacolt Burn and Elochoman State Forests: 
  • All trailheads and day-use areas are open.
Questions? Please call 360-577-2025.

Southeast Region click to enlarge SE Region Map with Counties

The following campgrounds and camping areas are open for camping:
  • 29 Pines, Ahtanum Camp, Ahtanum Meadows, Ahtanum State Forest dispersed, BBQ Flats, Beverly Dunes, Bird Creek, Buck Creek dispersed, Clover Flats, Elk Heights dispersed, Glenwood dispersed, Indian Camp, Island Camp, Naneum Ridge State Forest dispersed, Rattlesnake dispersed, Snow Cabin, Teanaway Camp, Tree Phones and Wenas dispersed.

  •  Discover Pass required.

These campgrounds and camping areas are closed for camping:
  • Teanaway Campground will be closing on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, to resume construction work that’s part of an overall renovation project. The reopening date is unknown at this time. 
Day Use
Ahtanum is mostly open. Sites available for day use onlySome restrooms available. Get more information here. 
  • All green dot roads are currently accessible however there is snow at higher elevations, on some north-facing slopes and shaded corners making travel on some green dots difficult or not advisable. Vehicles other than those classified as snowmobiles must remain on Green Dot Roads.

  • The following points are now open including the North Fork Cutoff Trail, North Fork Road, Middle Fork Road, Sedge, Grey Rock Trailhead, and Red Saddle Trailhead. Travel around Darland is not advised due to the current snowpack.

Teanaway is open for day use and camping in designated campgrounds except Teanaway Camp which is closed for renovation. 
Naneum Ridge is open for day use and for dispersed camping. No restrooms available. 
  • Green dot roads are open for day use in Chelan, Kittitas, and Yakima counties only. No restrooms available.

Klickitat, South Yakima, Grant, and Chelan Counties

  • Open sites include Buck Creek Trail and Trailheads 1 & 2 (restrooms available), Beverly Dunes ORV area (restrooms available), and Chelan Butte Sky Park.

Some Natural Areas are open for day use only. Other areas are delayed to better coordinate openings with our partners.
Green dot roads in Yakima County are open. Some restrooms available.  
  • The open sites include Audubon Road, All of Cowiche Basin, Nile (no restrooms available), Maloy Road, and Observatory Road.

Questions? Call us at (509) 925-8510 or email

South Puget Sound Region click to enlarge SPS Region Map with Counties

Open campgrounds in this region:
  • Elbe Hills ORV, Elfendahl Staging Area, Kammenga Canyon, Margaret McKenny, Middle Waddell, Sahara Creek Horse Camp, and Spilman Camp.
The following campgrounds are closed for camping:
  • Aldrich Lake, Bruni's Snow Bowl Hut, Copper Creek Hut, Fall Creek, Green Mountain Horse Camp, High Hut, Porter Creek, Tahuya River Horse Camp and Yurt.
Day Use
Most Natural Areas are open for day use only with the following exceptions: 
Capitol Forest is open for day use only with the following exceptions:
  • All McKenny trailheads and horse parking area is open from 8 a.m. until dusk. 
  • The Fall Creek trailhead will be open after 3 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.
Elbe Hills and Tahoma are mostly open for day use only.
  • This includes Beaver Creek Trailhead, Eagle Crest, Elbe Hills ORV Trailhead, Elbe Hills ORV Trail System, Hidden View Day, High Point Day, Jenny’s Junction Day-use Site, Memorial Trailhead, Nicholson Horse Trail System, North Point, Sahara Creek, Valley View, Woodpecker Point,  South District Mount Tahoma Ski Trails, and 1- Road Sno-Park.
  • The following sites are closed for the season of April 30- November 1: 92-Road Sno-Park, North District Mt. Tahoma Ski Huts, and Mt Tahoma Ski Trails.
  • Due to active forest operations management activities and storm damage, gate #413 on the 2 road in the Tahoma State Forest will remain closed between October 1 and December 15.
Green Mountain State Forest is open for day use only. 
  • The following sites are open: Gold Creek Trailhead and Wildcat Trailhead. No camping, and hike or ride in only.
Middle Fork Snoqualmie NRCA is mostly open for day use only.
  • Open sites include Granite Lakes Trail Connector Access, Mine Creek day-use site, Champion Beach Day-use Site, Granite Lakes Trailhead, Oxbow Loop Trailhead, Russian Butte day-use site, Mailbox Peak Trailhead and Far Side Trailhead (for Dirty Harry’s Balcony & Peak) managed by Washington State Parks.
Mount Si NRCA is open for day use only. 
  • These sites include Little Si Trailhead, Little Si Overflow Trailhead, Mount Si Trailhead, and Teneriffe Trailhead.  
Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area and Raging River State Forest are open for day use only. 
  • Snoqualmie Point Trailhead is open.
  • Access from Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area & Rattlesnake Ledge Trail, managed by Seattle Public Utilities, is closed. 
Tahuya State Forest is open for day use only. 
  • The following sites are open for lake access: Don Lake,  Aldrich Lake, Twin Lakes, Howell Lake.
  • The following trailheads are open for day use only - no overnight camping: Elfendahl Pass Trailhead, Mission Creek Trailhead, Camp Pond Trailhead, Kammenga 4x4 Trailhead, and Sand Hill Trailhead.
  • Green Mountain and Tahuya River Horse Camps are closed for the season. 
  • Robbins Lake is closed for the season. 
Tiger Mountain State Forest is open for day use only. 
  • Tiger Summit Trailhead is open
  • Chirico/Poo Poo Point Trailhead (managed by King County Parks) is open.
West Tiger Mountain NRCA is open for day use only.
  • The following sites are open until further notice: High Point /Tradition Plateau Trailhead (co-managed by the City of Issaquah) and Chirico/Poo Poo Point Trailhead (managed by King County Parks).
Questions? Please call the region office at 360-825-1631​.

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