Media Contacts

Michael Kelly
Communications Director 
Cell: 360-878-4217
Joe Smillie
Deputy Communications Director
Cell: 360-688-3392
Courtney James
Communications Manager – Recreation, Volunteerism, Puget Sound Corps, Discover Pass
Cell: 360-522-2534
Lauren Padgett
Communications Manager – Forest Practices, Small Forest Landowners, Landowner Assistance, Wildfire Ready Neighbors
Cell: 564-999-3775
Jessa Lewis
Communications Manager – Eastern Washington
Cell: 509-380-6627
Thomas Kyle-Milward 
Communications Manager – Wildfire
Cell: 360-529-7184
Media may also contact our region offices or monitor our fire Twitter account for wildfire information.
Janet Pearce 
Communications Manager – Wildfire, Natural Areas, and Natural Heritage 
Cell: 360-688-3047
Media may also contact our region offices or monitor our fire Twitter account for wildfire information.
Michael Kelly
Communications Manager – State Uplands, Forest Resources, Product Sales and Leasing, Engineering,
Human Resources, DNR Police/Law Enforcement and Tribal Relations
Cell: 360-878-4217
Will Rubin
Communications Manager – Forest Resilience, Forest Health, Federal Lands Program
Cell: 360-764-0854
Joe Smillie
Aquatics, Geology, Legislative Priorities
Cell: 360-688-3392
Zoe Love
Communications Consultant
Cell: 360-790-1886
Megan Bell
Communications Consultant
Cell: 360-515-6000

Social Media 

Rachel Terlep
Senior Social Media Manager
Cell: 360-764-0871

Design and Web Services 

Luis Prado
Graphic Design, Visual Communications and Spanish Language
Dena Scroggie
Agency Webmaster and Web Accessibility contact

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