DNR Boards and Commissions

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz is responsible for appointing Washingtonians to several dozen boards, commissions, councils, and working groups. These entities are a vital part of state government - they perform a variety of different functions and are created by state laws, executive orders, internal agency initiatives, as well as federal laws and regulations. Each board is unique in its mission, charge, and role. Some boards shape policy for DNR’s various divisions (i.e. the Board of Natural Resources) while others serve in a primarily advisory capacity (i.e. the Wildland Fire Advisory Council) to the Commissioner. In other instances, boards may provide reports and recommendations to the Legislature and the Governor’s Office. 
These bodies consist of between 5-20 members and may be comprised of a combination of elected officials, agency employees, tribal government representatives, policy experts, and members of the public. Appointees typically serve out defined terms - the length of which are established by statutory or charter authority. 
DNR is committed to engaging meaningfully and transparently with communities from every corner of the state. This work is conducted and facilitated through DNR’s Office of Equity and Environmental Justice. That office works to find highly qualified individuals for appointment and supports the agency’s boards and commissions. View online: DNR Equity and Environmental Justice Action Plan for Boards and Commissions
Public policy discussions and decision-making spaces should center and reflect the lives and expertise of Washingtonians – we hope that you will bring your voice, guide our work, and help move your community and our state forward. 
If you are interested in serving on a DNR board, commission, or working group, please complete this online application (the application list reflects boards and commissions with positions open to the public). 
Apply to Serve
Apply here. Vacancies may occur periodically throughout the year. As such, you may apply to serve on a board or commission at any time. As we fill upcoming and existing vacancies, we will give full consideration to all applicants. If you have questions or concerns regarding your application or the application process, please feel free to reach out to boardsandcommissions@dnr.wa.gov
Please Note: Information provided on this application will be considered a public record subject to free and open examination by any person under the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56). Address, phone number and email address will be redacted if your information is requested.

Board of Natural Resources

View the Board of Natural Resources page here

Forest Practices Board

View the Forest Practices Board here

Aquatics - Forest Regulation - Forest Resilience

State Uplands

Washington Geological Survey 


Environmental Justice

External Boards

*DNR staff serve on a variety of external-facing boards and commissions – Appointments to these bodies are largely not subject to a competitive, open application process. These boards may advise federal agencies, other state agencies, the Governor’s Office, private entities, and/or other groups.
Members of the public are not eligible to represent DNR on these boards.