Climate Resilience for Washington

"This report assesses our risks and challenges, but more importantly it lays out achievable steps we can take in every corner of the state to make sure we can increase our resilience to sustain our lands, our communities, and our beneficiaries.
                                                                                                             ~ Commissioner Franz


Climate change presents critical challenges for the Washington Department of Natural Resources in fulfilling its mission. To address these challenges, DNR released its Plan for Climate Resilience in February 2020.  This agency-wide plan highlights actions the agency can take to ensure it is prepared for, and adapting to, climate-related changes. The plan also identifies high-priority opportunities to support coordination, investment, and implementation among DNR and its partners.
Key principles from the plan include the need for proactive preparation and the need to expand collaboration. The resilience plan includes seven chapters on resource-specific needs and opportunities, including priority responses for DNR’s programs in the following areas: Forest management; Agriculture, Grazing, and Leased Trust Upland Management; Ecosystem Conservation, Natural Areas, and Natural Heritage Programs; Aquatic Resources and Coastal Management; Landslides, Tsunami, Groundwater, and the Washington Geological Survey; Wildfire Management; and Recreation.
In addition, the plan calls out DNR's commitment to consultation with Tribes on climate resilience, integrating equity and environmental justice in our work, and reversing greenhouse gas trends through emissions reductions and carbon sequestration.
Commissioner Franz initiated implementation of the plan during its release by signing a Commissioner's Order directing agency leadership and staff .....
...... to take all practicable steps within our existing authorities and as guided by DNR's Plan for Climate Resilience to incorporate climate change considerations into all relevant decisions, policies, procedures, and operations including, where relevant, into legal, policy, and guidance documents. 

Full Report - DNR's Plan for Climate Resilience, February 20, 2020
Overview - DNR's Plan for Climate Resilience, February 20, 2020