Climate Resilience for Washington

"This report assesses our risks and challenges, but more importantly, it lays out achievable steps we can take in every corner of the state to make sure we can increase our resilience to sustain our lands, our communities, and our beneficiaries.
                                                                                                             ~ Commissioner Franz
Climate change presents critical challenges for the Washington Department of Natural Resources in fulfilling its mission. To address these challenges, DNR released its Plan for Climate Resilience in February 2020.  This agency-wide plan highlights actions the agency can take to ensure it is prepared for, and adapting to, climate-related changes. The plan also identifies high-priority opportunities to support coordination, investment, and implementation among DNR and its partners.
Since the release of the Plan for Climate Resilience in 2020, extreme weather events have increased both in frequency and severity across all Washington communities.  In addition to climate change, the health and safety of communities across Washington were impacted by a global pandemic known as COVID-19. 
Through these challenges, DNR has continued in its efforts to implement climate resilience actions across the State the efforts which are now contained in the 2023 Climate Resilience 3-Year Update. This report is the outcome of a collaborative agency wide effort to develop and implement performance metrics and accountability structures across the agency. 
The Plan for Climate Resilience 3-Year Update sets 40 high-level metrics across 14 program areas. These metrics will be used to track the overall performance and implementation of our Plan for Climate Resilience. These metrics broadly represent the myriad actions identified in the plan and will be used by the agencies divisions and program to track progress and identify gaps or needs. DNR will provide, at a minimum, annual updates to the overall progress of the agency's resilience metrics on DNR’s website, which can be accessed at  
 Full Report - DNR's Plan for Climate Resilience, February 20, 2020
Overview - DNR's Plan for Climate Resilience, February 20, 2020