Wildland Fire Academies

Washington Interagency Wildland Fire Academies

Washington Interagency Wildland Fire Academies

DNR’s Wildland Fire Academy Program hosts interagency academy sessions to provide quality wildland fire training at no-cost to Washington's in-state interagency firefighting partners. The program offers a suite of operational wildland firefighting courses leading to qualifications at the Firefighter Type 2, Firefighter Type 1, and Single Resource Boss levels. The courses meet National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) standards. 
The program’s multi-faceted approach to course delivery includes:academy classroom
  • Multi-course, in-person academy sessions in May and June 
  • Standalone virtual, instructor-led training (VILT) and in-person course offerings from October through April 
  • Self-directed, online courses year-round
  • Course delivery and coordination to support partner programs
If you are affiliated with Washington state's local, state, federal or tribal firefighting agencies who participate in wildland fire suppression, you are eligible to register for an academy. You must also meet the qualification and prerequisite requirements specific to each course. 

Firefighter Jobs and Providing Equipment/Services

If you are not affiliated with a fire agency in Washington, and have an interest in seasonal firefighter positions, visit our Firefighter Jobs page.
If you are interested in providing professional resources (like heavy equipment, fallers and water tenders), want to establish an agreement with DNR, and need to obtain annual operator safety training, visit our Provide Equipment and Services page.

Registration Information

training crew for fireline
To register for an academy or to find out what courses are offered, click here. If you are affiliated with Washington state's local, state, federal, or tribal firefighting agencies participating in wildland fire suppression, you can register for an academy. 
The Academy Program offers courses during the fall/winter/spring training cycle, with specific session registration windows opening on a rolling basis. The schedule is updated as new offerings are added. Each session registration will open approximately five weeks before the session starts and will close approximately two weeks before the session starts; the registration open and close dates for each course are posted in the course offerings schedule.
If you have specific questions about any of the academy sessions, contact Lois Anderson, Wildland Fire Academy Coordinator, at lois.anderson@dnr.wa.gov.