Wildfire Training Academies

Firefighters mop up at Capitol Forest 2016


All three Washington Interagency Wildland Fire Training Academies have been cancelled for 2020 due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.
DNR did not take this decision lightly; we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation and we were remaining optimistic that we’d be able to deliver the academies. Unfortunately, the current and increasing statewide closures and restrictions have led to unknown availability of our host facilities, limited cadre availability, and reduced student participation at all three academies. Rather than waiting until a later date and further impacting all the agencies tied to the academies, the decision was made now to provide some certainty and to give our regions and partner agencies time to consider and plan alternate delivery methods for essential firefighter training.  
Partner agencies can contact Brian Looper (brian.looper@dnr.wa.gov) with questions about the academy cancellations and the subsequent impacts for 2020.
We are looking forward to 2021 as we continue building statewide interagency training collaboration in the academies.


Interagency Wildland Fire Training Academies

Every year, DNR hosts three wildfire training academies to provide quality wildland fire training at no-cost to interagency firefighting partners. Each academy uses local, state, and federal firefighters' expertise to teach the courses.
The focus of the academies is to provide training in coordination with cooperating firefighting agencies to increase capacity and interagency coordination. 
The academies will offer a suite of courses in essential wildland firefighting skills, from basic to advanced levels. The courses will meet the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) standards, and upon successful completion of the class, a student will receive a certificate. To simulate the operational organization of a wildland fire response incident, the academies operate under the Incident Command System (ICS). This allows firefighters to become familiar with ICS and assists them with future deployments.
This training allows agencies responsible for responding to wildfires the opportunity to train together before fighting fire together, building trust with one another and introducing common language throughout all agencies.
The academies are a joint operation of DNR, USFS, county fire districts and tribes. Firefighters train in basic and advanced wildland firefighting skills.

Who can participate?

If you are affiliated with local, state, federal or tribal firefighting agencies who participate in wildland fire suppression, you are eligible to register for an academy.

Registration Information

Registration information will be under each academy. Announcements will be posted as they become available.


The academies are held using a “fire camp” setting, which means there will be morning briefings, tent camping, showers, and catered meals.


Meals will be provided to all participants. Breakfast and dinner will only be provided for participants staying overnight at the academy. When registering, there is an opportunity to indicate special dietary needs.

Course Schedule

Course dates and start times are determined using a needs analysis. Once determined, the course schedule will be posted.

Fire Training Academies  

***CANCELLED - 2020

If you have specific questions about any of the academies, contact Brian Looper 360-902-1748 or brian.looper@dnr.wa.gov