Wildfire Training Academies

Firefighters mop up at Capitol Forest 2016

Interagency Wildland Fire Training Academies

Every year, DNR hosts three wildfire training academies to provide quality wildland fire training at no-cost to interagency firefighting partners. Each academy uses local, state and federal firefighters' expertise to teach the courses.
The focus of the academies is to provide training in coordination with cooperating firefighting agencies to increase capacity and interagency coordination. 
The academies will offer a suite of courses in essential wildland firefighting skills, from basic to advanced levels. The courses will meet the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) standards, and upon successful completion of the class, a student will receive a certificate. To simulate the operational organization of a wildland fire response incident, the academies operate under the Incident Command System. This allows firefighters to become familiar with ICS and assists them with future deployments.
This training allows agencies responsible for responding to wildfires the opportunity to train together before fighting fire together, building trust with one another and introducing common language throughout all agencies.
The academies are a joint operation of DNR, USFS, county fire districts and tribes. Firefighters train in basic and advanced wildland firefighting skills.

Who can participate?

If you are affiliated with local, state, federal or tribal firefighting agencies who participate in wildland fire suppression, you are eligible to register for an academy.

Registration Information

Registration information will be under each academy. Announcements will be posted as they become available.


The academies are held using a “fire camp” setting, which means there will be morning briefings, tent camping, showers and catered meals.


Meals will only be provided for participants staying overnight at the academies. Participants traveling daily to and from the academies are responsible for providing their own meals. When registering, there is an opportunity to indicate special dietary needs.

Course Schedule

Course dates and start times are determined using a needs analysis. Once determined, the course schedule will be posted.

Stay Informed

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Fire Training Academies  

Please check back for updated information.

Central Washington Interagency Wildfire Training Academy

May 10-20, 2018 (tentative date)
Naches, WA
Bob Marshall at bob.marshall@dnr.wa.gov or 509-925-0903
The Central Academy registration will open soon.

Eastern Washington Interagency Wildfire Training Academy

June 16-26, 2018 (tentative date)
Deer Park, WA
Lynn Kenworthy at lynn.kenworthy@dnr.wa.gov or 509-685-2745 or cell 509-675-7650
The Eastern Academy registration will open soon.

Western Washington Interagency Wildfire Training Academy

June 21-29, 2018
Rainier, WA
Courses that will be offered in 2018 are:
  • Fl-110 Fire Obs & Origin Scene Prot
  • L-180 Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service
  • S-130 Firefighter Training
  • S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior
  • S-131 Avanced Firefighter
  • L-280 Followership to Leadership
  • S-211 Port Pumps & Water Use
  • S-212 Wildfire Powersaws
  • S-230 Crew Boss
  • S-231 Engine Boss
  • S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior
  • S-270
  • S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander
  • S-215 Fire Ops Urban Interface
  • S-236 Heavy Equipment Boss
  • I-300 Intermediate ICS
  • I-400 Advanced ICS
  • L-380 Fireline Leadership
Laurie Cox at laurie.cox@dnr.wa.gov or 360-902-1404
The Western Academy registration will open in March.
Join DNR's firefighting team to help us protect our state from catastrophic wildfires.