Darrington Mountain Bike Trails

Darrington mountain bike
North Mountain bike trails
In partnership with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Darrington community, legislative leaders, and Washington's outdoor recreating public, DNR is developing a mountain bike trail system on North Mountain. About an hour from Everett, the future trail system will offer breathtaking views of Whitehorse Mountain and the Stillaguamish Valley.
About 4 miles of lower elevation trails in our North Mountain Bike Skills Area offer family-friendly riding year-round and opportunities for beginner and intermediate riders. An additional 10 miles of trail reach further up North Mountain to access terrain for more experienced riders. 
More than 10 miles of new trails are now open in the North Mountain Bike Trail System near Darrington. These additions add to the existing 4.6 miles of trail in the North Mountain Bike Skills Area.
DNR held the two open houses for the project in Darrington and Arlington in November 2015. You can view the comments we received at public input stations at the Darrington and Arlington open houses. 
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