Wildfire Assessments

Private forest landowners help fund fire protection and suppression.
Forest Fire Protection Assessment (FFPA) is a fee that is paid by private forest landowners and exempt entities (counties, cities, non-profits, and state landowners) to help pay for the cost of preparing to fight wildfires as opposed to actually fighting the fire (the costs that are referred to as "suppression costs"). Preparing to fight wildfire includes the purchasing of fire engines, training crews, equipment, etc. 
Any landowner who pays FFPA also pays a Landowner Contingency Assessment (LOC). LOC pays for emergency fire suppression when a FFPA/LOC landowner starts a fire during a landowner operation.
As a private landowner, if your property is forested or unimproved, or partially forested or unimproved, you may pay FFPA and LOC through your county taxes administered by your county assessor.
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Related Washington State Laws & Regulations

  • RCW 76.04.610 – Forest Fire Protection Assessment
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  • RCW 76.04.165 – Legislative declaration -- Forest protection zones
  • RCW 76.04.630 – Landowner contingency forest fire suppression account
  • RCW 52.16.170 – Taxation and assessment of lands lying both within a fire protection district and forest protection assessment area
  • WAC 332-24-710 – Forest protection zone – Kitsap County
  • WAC 332-24-720 – Forest protection zone – Pierce County
  • WAC 332-24-730 – Forest protection zone – King County