Puget Sound Conservation Corps

In partnership with DNR, Puget Sound Corps crews work to restore and enhance Washington state's lands and natural resources.
Apply for the conservation corpsUnder Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz, DNR supports accomplishments of the Puget Sound Corps, which provides opportunities for young adults and veterans to gain valuable skills through the restoration and protection of Puget Sound and its resources. Through Puget Sound Corps, young adults and veterans are working to address the watersheds that lead to Puget Sound while supporting DNR’s programs statewide.
A subprogram of the Washington Conservation Corps (WCC), Puget Sound Corps provides meaningful service and training opportunities to young adults and military veterans by providing projects on state lands that restore and protect Puget Sound. For more information, watch our YouTube video, above.
Prior to the Sound Corps’ development, the WCC worked as a multi-agency effort between the Department of Natural Resources, Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission. Puget Sound Corps allows the continuation of a multi-agency approach intended to address the needs of the Puget Sound specifically.
The Puget Sound Corps continues to prioritize the Puget Sound Partnership’s Action Agenda, which acts as the outline for Puget Sound recovery and protection efforts. The corps helps to support DNR programs, which include recreation, natural areas, aquatics, resource protection and urban forestry.
For more information, watch our YouTube video, above, or view our factsheet. To apply, visit the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Web page.