Publications and Data

We announce the release of publications and other news through our blog, Washington State Geology News. If you'd like to receive notification when we publish something new, you can subscribe by email on the blog, or directly here. No publications will be sent through this mailing list—we will only notify you that something has been released.

Since its creation in 1890, the Survey has released over 1,100 publications. We now offer multiple ways to locate a publication or map of interest. The Washington State Geologic Information Portal contains interactive earth science mapping, data, and related information.
We offer GIS data for surface geology, hazards and environmental geology, geothermal resources, geochronology and geochemistry, geophysics and subsurface, and mining and resource regulation. Find any of our 1,100+ reports, maps, and other publications.
Find all of our booklets, fact sheets, and poster in one place for download. Learn about lidar, how it is used, how to obtain it, and the Survey's efforts to map geological hazards using this technology.
Story Maps use imagery and maps to tell a visual story. We have made several story maps to explain broad topics, such as the uses for lidar and Washington's ice age floods. We maintain an archive of presentations and posters that Survey geologists prepare for conferences.
Check out our large collection of preserved media on our Data Preservation Website. The site features scanned thin sections and field notebooks, historical photos, and coal mine maps. The site will be updated with more content as it becomes available! Access the full text of our disclaimers, and read citation guidelines for anyone who would like to use content produced by the Washington Geological Survey.
See a list of past releases back to 2019, including maps, fact sheets, posters, and more!