Communications Towers

Washington's state trust lands provide many ideal locations for communications towers—hilltops and mountaintops throughout many parts of Washington state. Our Communication Site Program includes 100 wireless telecommunication sites and represents a diversity of prime locations serving the large population centers of the Puget Sound lowlands, Spokane and the Tri-Cities. In addition, sites that provide ideal coverage for rural and urban populations are located across the state. The program leases sites for new communication facilities and leases for co-locating within DNR-managed facilities. The 3 million acres of state trust lands managed by DNR represent many different types of opportunities for private and public entities to establish new communications sites as well as expand existing sites. See Communication Sites listed by County for more detailed information on each site.
We publish a Lease Rent Schedule each year that details facility and land lease rents, and lists DNR communications site managers for each of our regions, as well as site class and rent determination. Please contact us for information about DNR wireless communications site opportunities and about our current program.
 Leasehold tax, power fees, and road use fees are separate calculations.