Timber Auction Results

Current Fiscal Year DNR Timber Auction Results

  Fiscal Year 2021
-February 2021 Bid Records                                 
June 2021

Previous Fiscal Year DNR Timber Auction Results

Results are by Washington State’s fiscal year—that is, from July 1 of one year through June 30 of the next year.
Fiscal Year 2020          Fiscal Year 2014          Fiscal Year 2008   
Fiscal Year 2019          Fiscal Year 2013          Fiscal Year 2007
Fiscal Year 2018          Fiscal Year 2012          Fiscal Year 2006

Good Neighbor Authority Auction Results

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Sale Name
County Auction Date
Ferry January 2021
East Trout Lake Ferry October 2020
2D Clallam September 2020
Hart Skamania August 2020
Queets Corner Grays Harbor May 2020
FSB Clallam January 2020
West Trout Lake Ferry January 2020