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Map Products

Most of our resource mapping products can be purchased online. To purchase a map, just click on the product's price and you will be directed to our fulfillment store.
State Trust Lands Map
  • 1:750,000 scale, beautifully designed, multi-colored map of Washington State
  • Communicates the Department's mission and programs to the legislature, trust beneficiaries and public
  • Shows extent, distribution and location of trust lands and diversity and breadth of public lands
  • Terrain illustrated by way of shaded relief
  • Click to download
Public Lands Quadrangles (100Ks)
Public Lands Quad Map
State Forest Maps
Elbe_Tahoma State Forest Map
  • Ahtanum, Capitol, Elbe/Tahoma, Loomis/Loup Loup, Tahuya, Tiger Mountain
  • Various scales
  • Interesting background information about each individual state forest
  • Recreation sites and information
  • Roads and features
  • Elevation contours (some have shaded relief to illustrate terrain)
  • Shows extent, distribution and location of trust lands and diversity and breadth of public lands
  • Click to buy (cost $10.00 per map)
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Recreation Guide
This product details the location, setting and facilities associated with each of our more than 160 recreation sites throughout the state. Our recreation guide, revised in May 2018, showcases our statewide recreation sites and includes:

Survey Products

Survey Research Online Service
Now online is a database with hundreds of thousands of documents of state land boundaries dating back to 1856. This free service is used by organizations, businesses and government agencies.
Please visit the Public Land Survey Office page for more information and products.

How do I get copies of aerial photos?

You can request photos through a DNR public disclosure request. You can select which photos you want to request by viewing the UW Aerial Photo Finder. Be as specific as possible with your requests. Include the following information: location, year(s), and flights of interest. There may be a fee associated with physical copies and mailing of photos.