October Timber Auction

October 2019

October Auction Book #1004 - pdf

FSC® - This sale, or a portion of this sale, is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® US Forest Management Standard (cert no: BV-FM/COC-080501).

SFI® - This sale is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Forest Management Standard (cert no: PwC-SFIFM-513).

The following sales are tentatively scheduled to be offered in October 2019 and are available to be previewed now. Click on the sale name below to view DRAFT* documents for each sale. Once sales listed below are approved by the Board of Natural Resources (BNR), a full final packet will be posted. BNR Approval is scheduled for September 3, 2019.
  • The documents are provided only to allow potential bidders early access. These documents are still being reviewed by DNR and will change.
  • Sales may be withdrawn from or added to the current list.
  • You are advised to contact the Management Forester in the region where each sale is located for more specific information.
  Board Sales
County Region Agree# FSC SFI Sale Name Volume Value 
Clallam OLY 97259   X Claude Summit 7,504 TBD
Clark PC 98468   X Triple B 3,724 TBD
Jefferson OLY 98948   X Spruce Tower 5,764 TBD
King SPS 97371 X X Harrys Hangout VRH & RMZ Thin 3,665 TBD
Skagit NW 98033   X Copperhead 3,343 TBD
Skagit NW 98544   X Sherwood VRH RMZ 2,378 TBD
Snohomish NW 98730   X Cowbell 1,899 TBD
Wahkiakum PC 98761   X Honest Abe Sorts 3,471 TBD
Whatcom NW 98034   X Red Baron 1,270 TBD
  Region Sales
County Region Agree#
SFI Sale Name Volume Value
  Federal Sales
County Region Agree#   Sale Name Volume Value