Scientific Review

Comments, Recommendations and Participation

Gig Harbor MarinaEvergreen Terminal with Ship
Various activities that occur on state owned aquatic lands require a detailed environmental review process. Some of that process can include the creation of technical documents such as Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Assessments (EA), Mitigation Plans, and Best Management Practices (BMPs). AAMT support to the environmental review process can include comments and recommendations to documents and processes; technical committee participation, and further research. Examples of activities that might require a more detailed review from science staff include:
  • Marina Expansions
  • Port Development
  • Floating Aquaculture
  • Restoration Projects
Examples of impacts addressed in the environmental review process from the listed types of activities can include the following:
  • Increased overwater structure footprint that covers submerged aquatic vegetation on historical forage fish beach.
  • A pre-vegetation survey for adequacy and appropriate placement of a proposed structure.
  • A shade model quantifying increased shading from large moored vessel.
  • A sediment transport model assessing changes to sediment transport from a structure.
  • Inputs from the activities such as impacts of feed from aquaculture practices, inputs from heavier boat use or mooring.
  • A mitigation plan describing species impacts and potential replanting, relocation.