Puget Sound Kelp Research and Monitoring Workgroup

kelp workshopKelp is known to be a critical habitat, and there is widespread concern about kelp losses in Puget Sound.
The Puget Sound Kelp Conservation and Recovery Plan identified a series of actions to further kelp research and management.  One action called for the "formation of a research and monitoring workgroup to increase collaboration and information sharing across organizations". 
DNR’s Nearshore Habitat Program has volunteered to kick off the Kelp Workgroup (WG) and facilitate it for up to 2 years. The primary purpose of the Kelp WG is to facilitate collaboration and data sharing related to kelp research and monitoring in PS.
Meetings will be held quarterly, 10 am – 12 pm, on the following dates:
  • 2021: Jan 13, May 12, Oct 13
  • 2022: Jan 12, May 11, Oct 12
During this pilot phase, we will assess WG objectives, format, and relationship to other WGs.  We will also consider if there is a long-term need for a dedicated kelp WG or if kelp research and monitoring collaboration would be better handled by existing WGs.
To join the workgroup mailing list or to get more information, contact: nearshore@dnr.wa.gov