Washington State Kelp Research and Monitoring Workgroup

kelp workshopKelp is known to be a critical habitat, and there is widespread concern about kelp losses in portions of Washington State.
The Puget Sound Kelp Conservation and Recovery Plan identified a series of actions to further kelp research and management.  One action called for the "formation of a research and monitoring workgroup to increase collaboration and information sharing across organizations". 
The primary purpose of the workgroup is to facilitate collaboration and information sharing related to kelp research and monitoring in Washington State.  DNR volunteered to initiate and facilitate the Kelp Workgroup in 2021.  At the October 2022 meeting, participants voted for the workgroup to continue in its present form for 2 more years, through fall 2024. At that time, we will consider if there is a long-term need for a dedicated workgroup or if kelp work could be optimally addressed within other workgroups.  In response to feedback, the name of the workgroup was changed (from Puget Sound to Washington State) in January 2023.
Meetings will be held quarterly, 10 am – 12 pm, on the following dates:
  • 2024: Jan 24, May 15, Oct 16
  • 2023: Jan 25, May 24, Oct 18
  • 2022: Jan 12, May 11, Oct 12
  • 2021: Jan 13, May 12, Oct 27
To join the workgroup mailing list or to get more information, contact: nearshore@dnr.wa.gov