Provide Equipment and Services for Fire Suppression

Each year, DNR works ahead of the fire season to improve its access to professional equipment and services for fire suppression. Through the use of Pre-Season Agreements and by partnering with the U.S. Forest Service Region 6 Fire Aviation Contracting Team (FACT), through VIPR contracts, DNR is able to pull in outside resources quickly if needed. 
All contract equipment hired by DNR will be paid according to the rate established in the current year's version of the Washington State Wage & Equipment Rate guide.

How does DNR contract for fire suppression resources?

DNR Pre-Season Agreements

Pre-Season Agreements are agreements used to support or engage in fire suppression. These agreements serve as an organized way to make our agency aware of private resources that may be available for hire within a geographic area or service specialty. 
DNR uses these agreements to establish a pool of qualified, trained and available vendors who can provide equipment and services in a timely fashion upon request.
Washington State Wage and Equipment Rate Guide
2020 Pre-Season Agreements

VIPR Agreements

VIPR is the Virtual Incident Procurement (VIPR) system that allows contracting officers to create, award, and manage solicitations and agreements through an electronic procurement process. VIPR is a USDA Forest Service incident procurement system. VIPR agreements are done through solicitations and most are valid for 3 years. Resources that have a VIPR agreement will not need a Pre-Season agreement with DNR.
For Region 6, the 2021 solicitations are being re-solicited for faller, fuel tender, and vehicle with driver (passenger vehicle and truck). The 2021 solicitations for heavy equipment (dozer, excavator, tractor plow, transport), mechanic with service truck, and tent will be issued with a later VIPR release. 
VIPR Resources
  • Chippers
  • Mechanics with Service Trucks
  • Fuel Tenders
  • Water Handling (Engines & Teders)
  • Weed Washing Units
  • Potable/Gray Water Trucks and Trailer Mounted Handwashing Trailers
  • Miscellaneous Heavy Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Vehicles with Drivers
  • Refridgerated Trailers
  • Fallers
  • Heavy Equipment with Water
For more information, visit the FACT website here:

Pre-Season Agreements 

All non-VIPR resources can sign up to be on a source list for Pre-Season Agreements. This provides a statewide database of vendor information to be used in combination with VIPR resources on DNR incidents.
  • Ordering protocol for all resources sent to DNR managed incidents (either via VIPR or Pre-Season Agreements) will be based upon closest forces, cost effectiveness, and other considerations. 
  • Resources that are required to have an inspection through the VIPR system will be required to have an inspection for Pre-Season Agreements through an Equipment Inspection Provider. A list of equipment inspection providers can be found by clicking here.
  • Operators who will be going to the fireline will be required to attend an annual RT-130 Fireline Safety Refresher also known by Operator Safety Training and provide proof of their completion of this course. 
  • For resources interested in only participating in response to incidents where DNR is the paying agency, an RT-130 course from DNR or an approved training provider will be accepted. However, to participate on FS incidents you must attend a course from an approved MOU training provider. A list of MOU Training Providers can be found by clicking here
If you have resources or equipment that could be available to respond, contact Lori Johnson at 360-902-1300 or

DNR Pre-Season Agreement Process

Step 1: Download the Pre-Season Application/Agreement form.
Step 2: Attach all applicable forms including insurance verification.
Step 3: Return the form with all of your company information.
     DNR - Wildfire Division
     ATTN: Fire Suppression Resources Agreement
     MS 47307
     Olympia, WA 98504-7307
Step 4: Complete the Vendor Payee Registration form with the Office of Financial Management (OFM). *DNR cannot make payments unless you have completed this registration.
Once DNR receives your application, we will send you a DRAFT Pre-Season Agreement to review and return with your insurance certificates. After the DRAFT agreement is received back to our office, it will be signed by DNR and a copy returned to you. Your equipment will then show available in the database. When dispatched to an Incident, you will need to provide a copy of your Pre-Season Agreement and a copy of your resource order to provide at check-in.