Rural Broadband

Broadband internet provides communities with access to global information, healthcare services, distance education, marketplace visibility, communication tools, and countless other resources they need to thrive. Unfortunately, broadband coverage is uneven, making access difficult for many communities, especially in rural areas.
DNR owns and manages land across the state with communication towers and other critical infrastructure in place that can provide rural and underserved areas with access to high-speed internet. In partnership with the Department of Commerce, the Department of Health, and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, DNR is helping community leaders and internet providers find ways to reach everyone in Washington.
The map below shows the locations of DNR-managed communication sites across Washington—more than 100 in total. The purple-shaded areas indicate levels of socioeconomic risk, which can often correlate with the availability of high-speed internet.
DNR is ready to help local organizations bring broadband to underserved populations in Washington. Clicking on communication sites will reveal additional information about each site; for further information on who can help you site a new broadband project or for general inquiries regarding broadband please email

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For a map and explanation of DNR's region boundaries, please click here.