DNR's 2022-25 Strategic Plan

It is my incredible honor to lead an agency that protects and manages nearly six million acres of public lands in Washington State—from coastal waters and aquatic reserves, to working forests and farms, to natural and recreation areas. As Commissioner of Public Lands, I am committed to ensuring that our public lands thrive and remain bountiful, both today and for future generations.
Our state is at a critical juncture, one in which we face great challenges. That is why, in partnership with the incredible employees at the Department of Natural Resources, we developed this Strategic Plan. The plan is who we are and what we are about.
Our Vision
Our actions ensure a future where Washington’s lands, waters, and communities thrive.
Our Mission
Manage, sustain, and protect the health and productivity of Washington’s lands and waters to meet the needs of present and future generations.
The plan is comprised of four strategic priorities:
  • Make DNR a Great Place to Work and Serve Washington’s Lands and Communities
  • Serve Washingtonians Through Thoughtful Communication, Ongoing Collaboration, and Authentic Engagement
  • Invest in Washington’s People, Land, and Communities
  • Protect our Lands and Waters 
We are committed to making DNR a great place to work and serve Washington’s lands and communities. We know we must continue to innovate and rethink what it means to be public land stewards, with a focus on preserving and protecting our wonderful legacy of productive and beautiful lands and waters.
It is up to us—all of us—to ensure our public lands remain vibrant and cared-for. It is up to us to keep public lands public and invest in our natural resources to feed our bodies and inspire our souls.
In service,
Hilary Franz signature
Download a PDF of DNR's 2022-2025 Strategic Plan