Adaptive Management Program Research and Monitoring Documents

The Adaptive Management Program was created to provide science-based recommendations and technical information to assist the Forest Practices Board in determining if and when it is necessary or advisable to adjust rules and guidance. This page contains research and monitoring documents that provide scientific information that supports the Adaptive Management Program. Documents dated pre 2001 were prior to the Forest and Fish negotiations. 
The page is currently incomplete but updates are in progress. Each entry includes information on title, author(s), and year. Documents are in alphabetical order by title. 
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Soicher, Alan (1999)
Peterson, N. Phil; Hendry, Andrew; Quinn, Thomas (1992)


O'Connor, Mathew; Harr, R. Dennis (1994)


Montegomery, David; Buffington, John (1993)
Carlson, Andy (1991)
McKenzie, Roosevelt (1991)
Department of Wildlife (1990)
Armour, Chad (1988)
Department of Wildlife (1998)
CMER (1990)
CMER (1993)
EDAW, Inc. and Masson, Bruce & Girard, Inc. (2002)
Shaw, Susuan; Vangeois, Laura (1999)
 O'Donnell, R.P.; Quinn, T.; Hayes, M.P.; Ryding. K.E. (2007)
Quinn, Timothy; Hayes, Mark; Dugger, Daniel; Hicks, Tiffany; Hoffman, Annette (2007)


Coho, Carol; Burges, Stephen (1993)
Terrapin Environmental (2002)
Conrad, Robert; Fransen, Brian; Duke, Steven; Liermann, Martin; Needham, Scott (2003)
Thurow, Russell; Larsen, Chris; Guzevich, John; Peterson, James (2004)
Hayes, Marc; Quinn, Timothy; Dugger, Daniel; Hicks, Tiffany; Melchiors, M. Anthony; E. Runde, Douglas (2006)
Ehinger, William; McConnell, Steve; Schuett-Hames, Dave; Black, Jenelle (2007)


ABR, Inc. Environmental Research & Services (2003)
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc. (2006)
Miller, Dan; Peterson, Phil (2009)
Berman, Cara H.; Quinn, Thomas P. (1989)
Quinn, Thomas P. (1994)
Rashin, Ed; Graber, Craig (1993)
Rashin, Ed; Clishe, Casey; Loch, Andy; Bell, Johanna (1999)
Rashin, Ed; Clishe, Casey; Bell, Johanna (1993)
Rashin, Ed; Clishe, Casey; Loch, Andy (1994)
O'Connell, Margaret; Hallett, James; West, Stephen; Kelsey, Kathryn; Manuwal, David; Pearson, Scott (2000)
Cupp, Edward; Lofgren, Timothy (2014)
Rashin, Ed; Graber, Craig (1992)
Coffin, Bengt; Harr, R. Dennis (1992)
Buffington, John (1995)
Johnson, Adelaide (1991)
Barrett, Stephen; Reilly, Mathew (2017)
Beech, Storm (1999)
Harr, Dennis R.; Coffin, Bengt A.; Cundy, Terrance W. (1989)
MacCracken, James; Hayes, Marc
Sias, Joan (2003)
Bowling, Laura; Lettenmaier, Dennis (1991)
TFW Temperature Work Group (1990)
TFW Temperature Work Group (1990)
Bowling, Laura; Lettenmaier, Dennis (1997)
Beechie, T.J.; Sibley, T.H. (1990)
Ehinger, William (2013)


McConnell, Steven; Heimburg, John (2010)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Conrad, Bob; Pleus, Allen; Smith, Devin; Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (1996)
TFW Field Implementation Committee (1991)
Veldhuisen, Curt; Russell, Periann (1999)
Washington Department of Ecology and the Wetlands Scientific Advisory Group (2004)
Chesney, Charles (2000)


Montegomery, David; Dunne, Thomas; Dietrich, William (1993)
Benda, Lee; Miller, Lynne Rodgers (1991)


Hayes, Marc; Quinn, Timothy; Raphael, Martin; Landscape and Widlife Scientific Advisory Committee; Amphibian Research Consortium
Trotter, Patrick (2000)
Coe, Drew (2004)


Storck, Pascal; Lettenmaier, Dennis; Connelly, Brian; Cundy, Terrance (1996)
Cantrell, Dan; Haug, Peter (1991)


Wu, Tien; Merry, Carolyn; Benosky, Christopher; Abdel-Latif, Mohamed (1993)
Wu, Tien; Abdel-Latif, Mohamed (1996)
Cole, Michael; Killian, Mathew; Harris, Adam (2003)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Conrad, Bob; Pleus, Allen; Lautz, Kevin; Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (1996)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Pleus, Allen; Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (1996)
Morgan, Amy; Smith, Devin (1997)
Koler, Thomas (1991)


Caldwell, J.E.; Sullivan, K.S.; Doughty, K. (1991)
Stewart, Gregory; Dieu, Julie; Phillips, Jeff; O'Connor, Matt; Veldhuisen, Curt (2013)
Upslope Processes Scientific Advisory Group (2008)
Miskovic, Teresa; Powell, Jack (2009)
Upslope Process Scientific Advisory Group (2008)
Pleus, Allen; Schuett-Hames, Dave; Bullchild, Lyman (1999)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Pleus, Allen; Ward, Jim; Fox, Martin; Light, Jeff (1999)
Pleus, Allen; Schuett-Hames, Dave (1998)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Conrad, Robert; Pleus, Allen; McHenry, Michael (1999)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Conrad, Robert; Pleus, Allen; Lautz, Kevin (1999)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Pleus, Allen; Smith, Devin (1999)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Pleus, Allen; Rashin, Ed; Mathews, Jim (1999)
Pleus, Allen (1999)
Pentec Environmental, Inc. (1999)
Dunham, Jason; Chandler, Gwynne (2001)
Modules: Stream Segment Identification, Refernce Point Survey, Large Woody Debris, and Habitat Unit Survey
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Bullchild, Lyman; Hall, Scott; Pleus, Allen (1992)
Cupp, C. Edward; Metzler, JoAnn (1999)
The Monitoring Design Team (2002)
Schmidt, Kevin Michael (1994)


Schumaker, Rick; Glass, Domoni (1999)
McConnell, Steven (2007)
McConnell, Steven (2010)


Cooke Scientific Services, Inc. (2005)
Quinn, Thomas P. (1991)
Adams, Terry; Sullivan, Kathleen (1990)
Bradley, Jeffery; Whiting, Peter (1992)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Sturhan, Nancy; Lautz, Kevin; McIntosh, Randy; Gough, Mike; Rodgers, Charlene (1996)
Dunne, Thomas; Montgomery, David; Dietrich, William (1991)
Norris, Logan; Dost, Frank (1992)
Norris, Logan; Dost, Frank (1991)


 Ramos, Carlos (1996)
Orsborn, John F. (1990)


Schuett-Hames, Dave; Roorback, Ashley; Conrad, Robert (2012)
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (2002)
Hayes, Marc; Quinn, Timothy (2015)
Herrera Environmental Consultants Inc. (2004)
Riparian Scientific Advisory Group (2006)
TFW Field Implementation Committee (1993)
Toth, Steven (1991)


MacDonald, Ann; Ritland, Kerry (1989)
Sparks, Anita; Schuett-Hames, Dave (1994)
Heeswijk, Marijke van; Kimball, John; Marks, Danny (1996)
Golder Associates (1991)
Wu, Tien; Merry, Carolyn (1990)
Center for Streamside Studies, University of Washington (1991)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Pess, George; Northwest Indian Fish Commission (1994)
Ralph, Stephen C. (1990)
Plotnikoff, Robert (1998)
Grizzel, Jeff; McGowan, Myla; Smith, Devin; Beechie, Tim (2000)
Hayes, Marc; Ehinger, William; Bilby, Robert; MacCracken, James; Palmquist, Robert; Quinn, Timothy; Schuett-Hames, Dave; Storfer, Andrew (2005)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; McConnell, Steve; Conrad, Bob; Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (2006)
Author Unknown (1997)
Grotefendt, Richard (2007)


Schuett-Hames, Dave; Pleus, Allen; McDonald, Dennis; Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (1994)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Pleus, Allen; Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission  (1996)
Ambient Monitoring Steering Committee (1989)
Plotnikoff, Robert (1992)
Plotnikoff, Robert; Dietrich, Hank (1991)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Pleus, Allen; Morgan, Amy; McGowan, Myla; Smith, Devin (1999)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Pleus, Allen; Morgan, Amy; Smith, Devin (1997)
Cogan, Cogan Sharpe (1991)
Various (1996)
Spear, Stephen; Baumsteiger, Jason; Storfer, Andrew (2011)
Schuett-Hames, Dave; Conrad, Robert; Ehinger, Bill; McFadden, George; Roorbach, Ashley (2003)



Dube, Kathy; Shelly, Alice; Black, Jenelle; Kuzis, Karen (2010)
Dube, Kathy; Shelly, Alice; Black, Jenelle; Kuzis, Karen Hunter, Mark (2010)
Terrapin Environmental (2005)
Somers, Dave; Smith, Jeanette; Wissmar, Robert (1991)
Jones and Stokes Associates (1991)
Jones and Stokes Associates (1991)
Jones and Stokes Associates (1991)
Volkhardt, Greb (1999)
Fairweather, Stephen (2001)
Wildlife Science Group, Department of Natural Resources Sciences, USDA - Forest Service (1991)
Irwin, Larry L.; Buchanan, Joseph B; Fleming, Tracy L.; Speic, Steven M. (1998)
Various (1996)
Aubry, Keith; Hallett, James; West, Stephen; O'Connell, Margaret; Manuwal, David (1998)
Aubry, Keith; West, Stephen; Manuwal, David; Stringer, Angela; Erickson, Janet; Pearson, Scott (1998)
Hallett, James; O'Connell, Maragaret (1998)
O'Connell, Margaret; Hallett, James; West, Stephen (1993)
Morgan, Amy; Hinojosa, Frank