Aquatic Science

The DNR Aquatics Science Program is composed of two teams: the Aquatics Assessment and Monitoring Team (AAMT) and the Nearshore Habitat Program (Nearshore). These teams monitor aquatic lands and design research projects, analyzing the data to inform the science-based management of state-owned aquatic lands and associated species and habitats.  The work of the Aquatic Science Program supports the statutory goals of the DNR Aquatics Division - to Ensure Environmental Protection and Foster Water-Dependent Uses.  Below are 2-page fact sheets that showcase some of the work that is conducted by the Aquatic Science Program in support of the DNR Aquatic's mission

Ensure environmental protection

Aquatic vegetation 
Eelgrass research 
Kelp monitoring 
Kelp research 
Changing ocean conditions 
Anthropogenic alterations to the environment 

Fostering water dependent uses

Aquaculture research