Species Lists

Castilleja levisectaCarex flavaSidalcea oregana var. calva

Vascular Plants

2021 WA Vascular Plant Species of Conservation Concern List (PDF, Excel- Rare vascular plant species that are tracked by the Washington Natural Heritage Program, including ranks and statuses.
2021 Vascular Review Group 1 and Review Group 2 Lists (PDF, Excel) - Species for which our current information is insufficient to evaluate conservation status (R1) and species with unresolved taxonomic questions (R2).
Texosporium sancti-jacobiScouleria marginataIwatsukiella leucotricha

Nonvascular Species

List of Mosses - Endangered, threatened, sensitive and Review 1 moss species.
List of Lichens - Endangered, threatened, sensitive, Review 1 and Review 2 lichen species.
List of Macrofungi - Rare macrofungi.
Working List of Marine Algae - Rare marine algae.
ferruginous hawkMakah copperstriped whipsnake


List of Animal Species with Ranks - Animal species for which the Washington Natural Heritage Program maintains information.
Animal Species of Concern List - Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife's list of State Endangered, Threatened, Sensitive, and Candidate species, as well as species listed (or proposed) by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service.