Brush, Salal and Other Forest Products

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages approximately 2.1 million acres of trust lands across the state. Through authorized management activities on these lands, DNR generates vital revenue for schools, universities, and critical county and local services across Washington. The sale of specialized forest products (evergreen huckleberry, sword fern, salal, mushrooms etc.) is one of many ways DNR generates revenue for its beneficiaries. These highly desirable products are shipped all over the world for use in floral arrangements. This page provides valuable information regarding current and future opportunities for harvesting specialized forest products, including permit sales and lease areas.
If you are a prospective purchaser of forest products, this is where you will find new opportunities that may be of interest to you. Use our query tool to easily find the products you want. If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us. As manager of these state trust lands, we are open to new methods of doing business and ways to generate revenue for public services.

Brush Leases

Each year, DNR’s South Puget Sound Region holds a sealed-bid auction (open to qualified bidders) for the right to harvest specialized forest products from specific lease areas throughout Mason and Kitsap Counties. The qualified high bidders are awarded individual leases that authorize unlimited harvest of specialized forest products from the designated lease area during the contract term (typically three or five years). Additionally, cedar, pine, and Douglas-fir bough harvesting may be authorized through specific clauses listed in many of the lease agreements. Information will be posted below regarding upcoming lease auctions which are traditionally held in June of each year. This information will include the date, time, and location of the auction in addition to maps of the lease areas, bidding procedures, and the guidelines and regulations for harvest.

Brush and Mushroom Permits

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Olympic Region
2024 Brush Permit Application - Applications will be accepted starting 12/4/2023 for 2024 permits
Pacific Cascade Region
2023 Brush Harvesting Permit Publication - Beginning February 1, 2023
Capitol Forest-South Puget Sound Region
IN 2021, THE SOUTH PUGET SOUND REGION CHANGED THE WAY IT SELLS INDIVIDUAL SPECIALIZED FOREST PRODUCT (BRUSH AND/OR MUSHROOM) PERMITS FOR CAPITOL FOREST.  OUR OFFICE WILL NO LONGER SELL PERMITS IN-PERSON.  We will sell 2023 permits again by mail only, starting January 3, 2023, through September 30, 2023. Detailed information regarding Capitol Forest Brush and Mushroom Permits for 2023 is available here.
Anyone wishing to purchase a Capitol Forest Brush and/or Mushroom Permit in 2023 will need to print and complete this Special Forest Products Permit application and mail it to the South Puget Sound Region Office in Enumclaw along with the appropriate payment and a copy of the Permittee’s valid photo identification.  Permit fees must be paid with a cashier’s check or money order only, made payable to the ‘Dept. of Natural Resources’ or ‘DNR’. No other forms of payment, including cash or personal checks, will be accepted.  Incomplete or incorrect cashier’s checks or money orders will also be rejected and returned. Application processing time will be up to ten (10) business days from the time the application is received.  Please ensure that each section of the application is fully complete, including appropriate check boxes, and provide all information as required.  All applications which are incomplete, illegible, or contain the incorrect payment amount and/or type will be rejected and returned to the applicant along with any payment received. A map showing our two permit areas to choose from is located here. Each permit is valid for only one of the permit areas only.
Once a valid application has been processed, a Specialized Forest Products Harvesting Permit, (accompanied by a harvest area map, Permit Conditions sheet, County hauling permit, vehicle windshield placard, and a receipt) will be mailed back to the Permittee at the address listed on the application.
Each individual Permit will be valid and harvesting can begin when the Permittee signs the signature blocks where indicated. Permittees purchasing a Permit for the Grays Harbor County permit area will also need to have their hauling permit validated by the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office in Montesano prior to harvesting.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we adjust our business practices to better serve our communities.