Forest Practices Rule Making Archive

The Forest Practices Board follows the state laws that govern its rule making activity.
The Administrative Procedure Act (chapter 34.05 RCW) requires that agencies conduct a process that ensures public involvement opportunities and considers the economic impact of its rules.
The Regulatory Fairness Act (chapter 19.85 RCW) requires agencies to consider disproportionate impacts of rules on small businesses.
The State Environmental Policy Act (chapter 197-11 WAC) requires agencies to consider environmental impacts of rules. 
RCW 76.09.040(2) of the Forest Practices Act requires that the Forest Practices Board inform counties and other governmental entities early in the rule development phase of the Board's intent to add or amend a forest practices rule.

Archived Rule Making Activity

Subjects of the Forest Practices Board's archived rule making activities are listed below under the year adopted. For recent rule making activity, please visit our current rule making activity page

Corrections and Clarifications

Electronic Signature and Electronic Payment
Cost Benefit Analysis

Unstable Slopes Information on Forest Practices Applications

For archived rules, please contact the Forest Practices Board at: 360-902-1413 or 

Adaptive Management Reform 
Forest Practices Hydraulic Project and Forest Biomass

Conversions and Forest Practices Applications
Critical Habitat
Forestry Riparian Easement Program
Notice of Forest Practice to Affected Indian Tribes

Extension of RMAP Forest Road Work Completion Date
Forest Biomass
Riparian Open Space Program
Watershed Analysis Reviews

Administrative Appeals

Desired Future Condition
Northern Spotted Owl 2009 - Emergency Rule
Northern Spotted Owl 2009-10 - Permanent Rule

Board Compensation & Miscellaneous Corrections
Historic Sites & Conversion Activity
Northern Spotted Owl Habitat - Emergency Rule
Northern Spotted Owl Site Centers - Permanent Rule

Long-Term Applications for Small Forest Landowners

Northern Spotted Owl Habitat - Emergency Rule
Perennial Initiation Points for Type 4 and Type Np Waters
Road Maintenance and Abandonment Planning for Small Forest Landowners - Emergency Rule
Road Maintenance and Abandonment Planning for Small Forest Landowners - Permanent Rule