Small Forest Landowner Advisory Committee

The Small Forest Landowner Advisory Committee as defined in RCW 76.13.110. The committee meets quarterly and conducts remote work in-between. Among other tasks the Advisory Committee assists the Small Forest Landowner Office in: developing policy and rules; ensuring policy and rules are implementable on small forestlands through forms review and personal contact with landowners they represent; and recommending and assisting with program improvements. Per statute, the Advisory Committee consists of seven members, including a representative from the Department of Ecology, Department of Fish and Wildlife and a Tribal representative. The remaining four members are small forest landowners recommended by the Washington Farm Forestry Association and appointed by the Commissioner of Public Lands. Additionally, the DNR Small Forest Landowner Office facilitates through a non-voting Vice Chair position. 


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Statutory Authority

RCW 76.13.110 grants the committee its authority. 


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January 23, 2024


2023 Meetings

October 24

July 18

April 18

January 17