Washington Marine Vegetation Atlas

More than 200 surveys of seagrasses, kelp and other macroalgae in Washington State

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What is the Marine Vegetation Atlas?

  • A source of information on current and historical vegetation observations to assist resource managers in protecting and restoring habitat in Puget Sound.  
  • An open-access data catalog to enhance collaborations and science‐based recommendations for resource management, regulatory decisions and marine planning.
  • An easily accessible web‐based interface to enhance public awareness of marine vegetation issues and research.

What are the practical applications of the Atlas?

  • Find the locations of vegetation types of recognized ecological importance and protected by regulations.
  • View, search, and share maps of marine vegetation data. 
  • Download reports and data.
  • Search predefined layers for protected vegetation like seagrass and kelp.  
  • Customize searches for a particular species of interest, survey data, study type, purpose, etc. 
Launch the Atlas in a separate window for full screen or mobile devices.

Additional Resources

Links to more information about coastal habitats and marine vegetation in Washington State.

  • Washington Coastal Atlas – Make a coastal map for Washington State. Download aerial photos of Washington shorelines. Map public beaches, biology, slope stability, and more. (Washington State Department of Ecology.)
  • Encyclopedia of Puget Sound – A free, open access website where scientists, policymakers and educators find and share information about the Puget Sound ecosystem. 
  • DNR’s GIS Data – Download spatial datasets, including nearshore habitat vegetation mapping and state-owned aquatic lands managed by DNR.
  • WA Department of Ecology GIS Data – Download spatial datasets covering a wide variety of environmental subjects.
  • Algaebase – A database of terrestrial, marine, and freshwater organisms.
  • Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria – Provides access to specimen data and digital resources from herbaria (a collection of plant samples preserved for long-term study).
  • Seaweeds of Alaska – A searchable database of photos and detailed life histories of many seaweed species that occur in the Northern Pacific

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For quesitons, please contact the Nearshore Habitat Section at 360-902-1100 or at nearshore@dnr.wa.gov.