Early Timber Sale Previews

The following sales are tentatively scheduled to be offered in upcoming months and are available to be previewed now. Click on the sale name below to view DRAFT* documents for each sale. As sales are approved by the Board of Natural Resources, full packets will be available on applicable monthly auction pages. Auction month listed may be incorrect as to final planned auction.
This page will be updated as new information is available. 
  • This is an incomplete list of currently planned sales. More sales are scheduled for auction than shown.
  • The documents are provided only to allow potential bidders early access. These documents are still being reviewed by DNR and will change.
  • Sales may be withdrawn from or added to the current list.
  • Shapefiles will be available after the Board of Natural Resources has approved sales in order to ensure final versions of data are being shared, unless otherwise posted. Shapefiles may be requested from the region prior to Board approval by contacting the Management Forester in the applicable region.
  • You are advised to contact the Management Forester in the region where each sale is located for more specific information.
County Region Agree# Sale Name Volume Estimate (mbf)
  April 2024
Clallam OLY 104814 Pistol Pete Sorts 3,639
Cowlitz PC 104236 Fruitful 3,053
Ferry NE 105823 Q Vulcan 3,852
Lewis SPS 99064 Tigerilla VRH VDT Updated 2/12/2024 2,655
Lewis PC 105125 Rapid Creek 1,980
Pacific PC 104126 Stepping Stone Sorts 7,429
Snohomish NW 104449 Kick Stand VRH VDT 5,349
Stevens NE 105477 Q Cheweka 2,785
Stevens NE 105831 Daisy Gold 4,056
  May 2024
Lewis SPS 103622 Dew Dog 4,963
  June 2024
King SPS 103620 Sylvan Pearl 6,251