Fiscal Reports

County Quarterly Income Reports

Each quarter, DNR reports earned income and projected revenue from State Forest trust lands it manages in several Washington counties to support taxing districts that provide public services — roads, schools, hospitals, libraries and fire districts — in the counties with State Forest trust lands.
For county quarterly income reports from previous years, contact: Financial Management Division, PH: 360-902-1251; FAX: 360-902-1780, or

DNR Annual Reports

The DNR Annual Report presents the department’s fiscal year accounting and a brief narrative of accomplishments during the calendar year in the sustainable management of state-owned aquatic and trust lands.
For previous years’ annual reports, please email or call: 360-902-1008

Quarterly Economic and Revenue Forecasts

This quarterly forecast includes our analysis of current economic conditions and our objective projections of future revenue for state trust funds and their beneficiaries.
For Economic and Revenue Forecasts prior to 2014, contact the Office of Budget and Economics at 360-902-1730, fax 360-902-1775, or email

Washington State Timber Harvest Reports

The Timber Harvest Report tells you how many logs were harvested from public and private forests. It is based on receipts we gather from the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Washington State Mill Survey Reports

Published every biennium (two years), the State Mill Survey reports key statistics about Washington's wood products processing industry, including: where logs used in sawmills come from by region and land ownership; what mills make from harvested logs, such as veneer, plywood, pulp, boards, shakes and shingles, or posts, poles and pilings; and the volume of logs exported.