DNR Land Appraisal Unit

When DNR buys, sells, leases, or exchanges land, it often relies on outside appraisers to help determine the property's fair market value. Many of the lands that DNR manages are held in trust for beneficiaries, such as public schools, universities, prisons, and other institutions. These appraisals are critical to protecting the interests of trustees and the public.
DNR awards work assignments for many types of appraisals to private companies. These appraisals may include forestland, wetlands, agricultural lands, urban and rural land commercial properties, and residential properties that DNR leases, sells, exchanges, or transfers with other agencies. We also supervise appraisals of communication sites, rights-of-way, and aquatic lands that we may lease.
DNR will select one or more potential contractors for appraisal work based on their responses to a Request for Proposal. The Request for Proposal asks for the contractor's experience and background as well as its fee schedules for specific types of assignments.
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