Providing GIS Data for Forest Practices Activities Throughout Washington

The Forest Practices Division develops and maintains data and software programs to support our mission to protect public resources while maintaining a viable timber industry.
If you have questions about a particular data set, please contact the data steward (who will be listed in the data documentation). If you have other questions about Forest Practices data or software, please contact the Forest Practices Help Desk.
Note: Errors in data are inevitable. While we do our best to produce the best data possible, you may find a problem that we overlooked. Please report errors to the appropriate data steward as listed in the data documentation for each dataset.
FP Landslides.shp - 6/2008
Site Class - 09/2001
Sitka Spruce Zone - 08/2001
Slope Stability.tif - 01/2000
Spotted Owl Special Emphasis Areas (SOSEA) - 05/1996
Forest Practices Applications Metadata
FP Tribal Cultural Resources Contacts
FP Tribal Cultural Resources Contacts Metadata
Watershed Administrative Units
(WAU) - 04/2006