Forest Practices Forms and Instructions

At the end of October 2019, DNR Forest Practices posted updates to its Forest Practices Applications forms that included revised questions concerning archaeological, historic, and tribal cultural sites and resources and introduced a new Appendix K. The form change was noted by placing a date of December 2019 at the bottom of the new forms. In response to feedback from some tribes and the Department of Archaeological and Historic Preservation (DAHP), DNR will remove this version of the forms from our external website. The forms will be replaced with a version that reinstates a prior version of the question text (Have you reviewed this forest practices activity area to determine whether it may involve historic sites and/or Native American cultural resources?) and eliminates use of Appendix K.
The forms and instructions affected by this change are the Eastern / Western Washington forest practices applications, the Eastern / Western Washington long-term applications, and the aerial spray application. The new forms will be dated January 2020. Application forms submitted since October using the December 2019 form remain valid and do not need to be resubmitted, and DNR will continue to accept new applications on that form until January 31, 2020. The new forms will be labeled on our website with the designation January 2020 for ease of recognition, and applicants are encouraged to use the January 2020 forms immediately. 
DNR intends for continuing discussions with tribes and DAHP to lead to revised questions concerning archaeological, historic, and tribal cultural sites and resources. Unfortunately, we cannot at this time predict when that will happen. DNR is committed to providing as much advance notice as possible. We recognize the importance of having certainty and advance knowledge of changes to these forms, and are committed to do our best to provide it.
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Forest Practices Application/Notification (FPA/N)
  Western Washington Forest Practices Application/Notification Jan, 2020​



Watershed Administrative Unit (WAU) Worksheet
  Appendix I. FPA/N Watershed Analysis Worksheet 




Ten Year Management Plan

Continuing Forest Land Obligation
 Notice of Continuing Forest Land Obligation Form


Road Maintenance and Abandonment Plan (RMAP)

Hydraulic Plans and Checklists for a Complete Forest Practices Hydraulic Project
Installing or Replacing a Structure in Type S or F Water 


Water Typing
• All WTMFs submitted now through April 30, 2021 will be accepted on the 2018 WTMF form.
• Starting May 1, 2021 - Protocol surveys that were conducted in the field prior to 03/01/2021 will be accepted on the 2018 WTMF version of the form, BUT landowners will need to provide an attachment, when applicable, describing why less than 10 BFW measurements were taken on stream segments. The new information per the ‘less than 10 BFW measurements’ would be expected to be provided on May 1.
• WTMFs on the 2018 form with the attachment providing this additional information will be accepted up to February 28, 2022. 
The following requirements will be expected to be implemented.
• ALL protocol surveys starting March 1, 2021 must be on the new form with all the applicable questions answered.
Desired Future Condition Worksheet (DFC)

State Environmental Policy Act
   Dept of Ecology SEPA Forms