Committee on Geographic Names

The Committee on Geographic Names was created by the Washington Legislature (RCW 43.30.292) to review proposals submitted by the public to name geographical features located in the state, and make recommendations to the Board on Geographic Names for proposals approved by the Committee. If a geographic name proposal is approved, the official name is recorded in WAC Chapter 237-990.
If you have a name that you wish to propose a name for a geographic feature located in Washington state, please download a Geographic Name Application Packet.
Committee on Geographic Names Policies and Procedures can be viewed here.

Current Geographic Name Proposals

The following proposals were accepted for Final Consideration at the last Committee meeting. The Committee is seeking comments on the following proposals:
Have a proposal comment?
Please send an email or mail your comment to:
WA State Committee on Geographic Names
PO Box 47030
Olympia, WA 98504-7030
Please note that all correspondence to the Committee on Geographic Names is considered public information.


The committee meets twice a year using an online format.



October 26, 2021

Applications referred to Board of Natural Resources for approval:



October 29, 2019


May 30, 2019