Geology GIS Data and Databases

Looking for agency-wide GIS data? Check here.

Here you will find all of our geologic data for download in the ESRI ArcGIS 10.0 file geodatabase format. Some geodatabases still exist in 9.31 file format, and others have been upgraded to ArcGIS Pro 2.6 format. You will need to have GIS software such as ArcGIS or QGIS to open these geodatabases.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer data in shapefile format at this time. There are several open-source GIS software packages, such as QGIS, that can convert geodatabases into shapefile format. There are many tutorials available online to help you get started with QGIS if you're unfamiliar with the software.

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This data is also viewable on our Geologic Information Portal.

Surface Geology

  Data File Contents Updated Size
1:24,000 scale Jan. 2023 217 MB
1:25,000–1:99,000 scale Jun. 2023 49 MB
1:100,000 scale Nov. 2016 146 MB
1:250,000 scale May 2022 65 MB
1:500,000 scale Feb. 2022 160 MB

Geologic Hazards

  Data File Contents Updated Size
Seismogenic Features (Faults and Earthquakes) Feb. 2019 14 MB
Seismic Scenario Catalog Sep. 2017 809 MB
Simplified Volcanic Hazards May 2016 3 MB
Washington State Landslide Inventory Database (WASLID) Nov. 2023 701 MB
Ground Response Jun. 2010 73 MB
Tsunami Hazard Dec. 2023 46 MB

Geothermal Geology

  Data File Contents Updated Size
Thermal and Mineral Springs Oct. 2014 540 MB
Geothermal Direct-Use Sites Oct. 2014 10 MB
Geothermal Wells Oct. 2014 41 MB
Volcanic Vents Aug. 2013 2 MB
Geothermal Favorability Model Oct. 2014 236 MB

Geochronology and Rock Geochemistry Data

  Data File Contents Updated Size
Geochronology Apr. 2016 469 MB
Rock Geochemistry Oct. 2014 6 MB

Geophysical and Subsurface Data

  Data File Contents Updated Size
Geophysics Database Apr. 2023 61 MB
Subsurface Database Jul. 2023 268 MB
Shear Wave Database Jun. 2021 4 MB

Mining and Energy Resources

  Data File Contents Updated Size
Active Surface Mine Permit Sites weekly 2 MB
Mines and Minerals Database Aug. 2023 76 MB
Oil and Gas Wells Feb. 2019 5 MB
Aggregate Resources Mar. 2024 17 MB

Data Preservation

These datasets were developed under grants from the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP). Note that they are not available for viewing on the Geologic Information Portal.

  Data File Contents Updated Size
Thin Section Database Oct. 2022 85 MB