Wildland Fire Advisory Committee

The Wildland Fire Advisory Committee (WFAC) was established by RCW 76.04.179 in 2015. The mission of the WFAC is to advise the Commissioner of Public Lands on all matters related to wildland fire management and firefighting in Washington state, including but not limited to developing recommendations regarding capital budget requests related to fire and developing strategies to enhance the safe and effective use of private and public wildland firefighting resources. To further define the role and direction of the WFAC, Commissioner Franz approved the creation of a charter for the committee in 2017. The committee meets on a monthly basis.


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Statutory Authority

RCW 76.04.179 grants the committee its authority. 


Contact Bryan Perrenod at Bryan.Perrenod@dnr.wa.gov with questions and comments. 

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  • View Commissioner Franz's letter to the Legislature and the Wildland Fire Advisory Committee's Report on Substitute House Bill 2561
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  • DNR completed the strategic plan in 2006. Early in 2017, Commissioner Franz tasked the WFAC to evaluate the strategic plan for its relevance to the current conditions of firefighting and provide feedback. The Committee completed it’s work and provided recommendations in July, 2017.

2023 Meetings

December 21, 2023


November 16, 2023


October 19, 2023


September 21, 2023


August 17, 2023


July 20, 2023 - Canceled 

June 15, 2023


May 18, 2023 - Canceled 

April 20, 2023

March 16, 2023


February 16, 2023 - Canceled 

January 24, 2023