December Timber Auction


Attention: Timber Sale Auctions

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December 2021

December Auction Book #1030 - pdf

FSC® - This sale, or a portion of this sale, is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® US Forest Management Standard (cert no: BV-FM/COC-080501).

SFI® - This sale is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Forest Management Standard (cert no: PwC-SFIFM-513).

Shapefiles and geo-referenced pdf maps (GeoPDFs) for use with mobile mapping applications for sales listed below are available on the Department's File Sharing Site.

  Board Sales
County Region-- Agree#-- FSC-- SFI-- Sale Name Volume Value 
Clallam OLY 100655   X
New 11/16/2021
4,903 $780,000
Grays Harbor/
SPS 101103   X
Updated 12/8/2021
4,962 $2,122,000
Grays Harbor PC 101293   X
Updated 12/9/2021
4,140 $1,239,000
Jefferson OLY 100664   X Vee Are Aitch 3,165 $789,000
Jefferson OLY 102022   X
New 11/16/2021
5,409 $1,237,000
Lewis PC 100492   X
Updated 12/9/2021
5,493 $2,191,000
Thurston SPS 100995   X Capra 5,070 $1,905,000
PC 102059   X
Updated 12/9/2021
7,716 $2,546,000
  Region Sales
County Region-- Agree#--
SFI-- Sale Name Volume Value
OLY 100662   X
Updated 11/24/2021
4,745 $199,000
  Federal Sales
County Region Agree#   Sale Name Volume Value