The Advisory Committee

Morningstar Natural Resource Conservation Area, Snohomish County
The advisory committee reviews each proposed, eligible transfer and scores it based on five prioritization criteria (refer to the prioritization page for more information).
Serving on the advisory committee is a great opportunity for hands-on involvement in the TLT program. It also provides a chance to network with others who are interested in natural resource management in Washington State.
DNR is now accepting applications for prospective members of the Trust Land Transfer Advisory Committee. Click here to place an application, and see below for more information about the Trust Land Transfer Advisory Committee's responsibilities and workload. 
For more information on DNR's committee application process, please click here

Who can apply to serve on the advisory committee? Do I need any special qualifications?

Anyone can apply, and no special qualifications are necessary. DNR will select 9-12 members who represent trust beneficiaries, public agencies, tribes, overburdened communities and vulnerable populations as defined in statute, and other stakeholders. Members will be approved by the Commissioner of Public Lands.

How long does each term last?

Advisory committee members will serve four years.

What is the time commitment for being on the committee?

The committee will meet three to six times each biennium, as described below:
  • One or two meetings to review background information on DNR and trust land transfer, and instructions on how to score the parcels. Meeting(s) will be one to two hours long.
  • At least one all-day meeting to review the parcels and listen to the presentations. The number of all-day meetings will depend on the number of eligible parcels under consideration.
  • One, one-hour meeting to review the results of the prioritization process.
Advisory committee members will score the parcels on their own, not during the meeting(s). The amount of time necessary to score the applications will depend on the number of eligible parcels under consideration. For example, if it takes half an hour to score each parcel, and there are 40 parcels, then scoring could require 20 hours. Scoring time will vary from person to person.

Is there a stipend available?

Unfortunately, no. This is a voluntary opportunity with no stipend.

When does the advisory committee meet?

The advisory committee will meet during the spring and summer of the second calendar year of the biennium. The second calendar year of the biennium is always an even-numbered year. The graphic below shows when the advisory committee will meet to prioritize parcels for the 2025-27 and 2027-29 biennia (click graphic to expand).
Advisory committee meetings