Proposed and Current Transfers

Eglon proposed transfer

Proposed Transfers: 2025-27 Biennium

The Trust Land Transfer applications for the 2025-27 biennium have been reviewed by DNR staff and are available here.
Below is a list of key steps in the Trust Land Transfer (TLT) process and when they are anticipated to occur. Dates are approximate and subject to change.
2025-27 biennium schedule

Current Transfers: 2023-25 Biennium

Lupines at Upper Dry Gulch NRCAIn September, 2022, DNR submitted a $25 million capital funding request for the transfer of 10 parcels of state trust lands. Click here to see a booklet about the proposed transfers and how they were selected.
In the 2023 legislative session, the Washington State Legislature funded five of the proposed parcels. Click the links below to see a map and other information for each parcel.

Trust Land Transfer Map

NEW! See the five parcels that were funded in the 2023 legislative session on this interactive map. In the future, all funded and completed transfers will be added to this map.