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COVID-19 UPDATE - Effective 12/12/22

The diligence of DNR employees helped create an environment where exposure at work continues to be infrequent and when it does occur is controlled as much as possible. Thank you to all who have been so diligent and safe as we navigate unchartered waters. Our collective efforts continue to make a difference.
Based on guidance from Washington state expert agencies, as well as all DNR employees now fully vaccinated or appropriately accommodated, lowered COVID-19 new infection and hospitalization rates, and other carefully considered factors, DNR has made several changes to our COVID-19 response.  
Critical Updates: 
1. We have sunset DNR’s Steps to a Safe Start plan and our COVID-19 Safe Start Workgroup. Going forward, we will manage DNR’s COVID-19 response through our normal operational processes. This includes feedback and assistance from Safety, Human Resources, Communications, and others as needed.
2. Masking and health screening requirements:
All employees must wear a mask in certain, specific situations:
  • When inside a medical facility or long-term care facility.
  • When inside a correctional facility when the county in which the facility is locate has a Medium or High CDC COVID-19 Community Level.
  • PPE requirements for incarcerated crew members and Forest Crew Supervisors will be coordinated with Department of Corrections leadership and medical staff.
  • When required by Department of Health or a local health jurisdiction.
  • For 10 days following close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, unless working alone according to DNR’s definition.
  • Employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 may return to work after quarantining for a minimum of 5 days, provided that their symptoms have improved, no new symptoms are present, and that they have been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. In these instances, these employees must also wear a mask for 5 days after returning to work, unless working alone according to DNR’s definitio.
  • “Mask” means a surgical, KN-95, or N-95 mask; cloth or microfiber masks, bandanas, and neck gaiters are not acceptable. DNR employees are welcome to wear a mask as a personal preference. DNR will provide surgical or KN-95 masks to employees who request a mask for use in the workplace.
  • Any employee who tests positive for COVID-19 or has close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 must immediately inform their supervisor or Appointing Authority and follow the quarantine and/or masking requirements for these situations.
For Vaccinated Employees:
  • Daily health screening is not required.
  • Masks are not required except for the specific situations listed above in “For All Employees.”
For Unvaccinated (Accommodated) Employees:
  • Daily health screening is required for all unvaccinated (accommodated) employees who report to an out-of-home work location, unless working alone according to DNR’s definition.
  • Unvaccinated (accommodated) employees must wear a mask:
    • In the situations listed above in “For All Employees” 
    • When entering a DNR facility or working indoors, unless working alone according to DNR’s definition.
If you have questions or concerns, contact Human Resources or the DNR Safety Office.

Daily Health Screening Links











  • Staying safe and healthy online
  • To forward your office phone calls to an external phone, such as your work cell:
    • ​Activate speakerphone or pick up the phone receiver
    • Dial #00 (this sets the forwarding command)
    • Dial 9 -- area code -- phone number you wish to forward your calls to
    • You will hear a series of beeps that confirms the forward went through
    • To release the forward, press #00 (this clears all forwarding commands)
  • How to remotely access your voicemail (902 numbers in the NRB only)
  • Remote password resets/lockout
    • ​If you have been locked out of the network and/or you need your password reset, please use your supervisor to contact the ITD Service Desk. Your supervisor will need to submit a request to reset the password. This process is needed to ensure security as we have no other remote way to confirm your identity.
    • We strongly suggest if you haven't reset your password recently, you should do so now. ​​
  • Citrix access instructions (word file)​​
  • VPN access instructions
    • Note: Employees must be at their workstations (NRB or region offices) to activate their VPN access for the first time.
  • Taking computer equipment home:
    • ALL DNR EMPLOYEES who will be taking their computer equipment home, you will need to follow the below steps (Laptop users have already done this step):
    • ​​Fill out this form​ (word file) before people take home their equipment
    • List monitors, desktop computers, keyboards, mouse, etc
    • If you're just taking your monitor, you'll need the form completed as well
    • Have your supervisor sign the form
    • Scan and email the signed form to: dnrdlitsupportstaff@dnr.wa.gov
    • In order for DNR Employees with desktop computers to take their desktop computers home and use VPN to access the DNR Network, the first step is to install BIG-IP Client software to each machine.  DNR Laptops already have this software installed, so nothing needs to be done by those employees.





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