Nearshore Habitat Eelgrass Stressor-Response Program

Eelgrass is an important habitat in Puget Sound that responds quickly to changes in the environment. The Eelgrass Stressor-Response Program (ES-RP) investigaEelgrasstes factors that cause eelgrass (Zostera marina) declines in greater Puget Sound. The program also researches ways to improve eelgrass restoration in order to achieve Puget Sound recovery goals. Understanding stressors that affect eelgrass is critical to improving restoration success and to developing effective management actions. The ES-RP complements the Nearshore Habitat Program’s annual eelgrass monitoring by focusing on sites with long-term loss.
The program has focused on assessing stressors in shallow embayments in the San Juan Archipelago and more recently, transplanting eelgrass throughout Puget Sound. This site provides research results and summarizes future research plans.

Program Reports and Information

Program reports are listed chronologically beginning with most recent.  Please contact Jeff Gaeckle if you have any problems downloading these files.