Coming Soon - fpOnline

We are excited to announce that the Washington Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Forest Regulation program is moving forward with steps to build, test and release the long-awaited fpOnline – a multi-faceted tool allowing forest landowners and their representatives to submit, track, and manage their Forest Practices Applications from a computer or smartphone.
The fpOnline tool – replacing the outdated and underperforming online Forest Practices Application Review System (FPARS) – will modernize our FPA process, and better meet all stakeholders’ needs.
Project Status Reports
The online and app-based tool will include:
  • virtual filing, payment and processing
  • real-time status tracking
  • text or email notifications
A busy landowner working in the field could know exactly when their FPA is approved by the ping of the phone in their pocket.
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Visit the Washington Office of the Chief Information Officer's (OCIO) project dashboard for fpOnline.