Western Washington Sustainable Harvest Calculation for 2025-2034

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources is currently calculating a sustainable harvest level for forests growing on state trust lands located west of the Cascade Crest. This is calculation will cover approximately 1.4 million acres and is for the 2025-2034 planning decade.
The sustainable harvest level is the volume of timber to be scheduled for sale during a planning decade (RCW 79.10.300). Using advanced forest modeling techniques, DNR will determine a level of timber harvest for present and future trust beneficiaries that optimizes revenue production while also providing ecological values, such as healthy forest ecosystems and habitat for threatened and endangered species. Setting this level is an important component of DNR's sustainable and responsible stewardship of trust assets. The sustainable harvest level is a policy decision that requires approval by the Board of Natural Resources

Project Updates

2021 Project Scoping

The scoping process allows the public and other agencies to comment on the scope of this project and helps DNR identify key issues and concerns.

Scoping Meetings

November 9, 2021 (Webinar)

Scoping Documents