DNR Map Resources

Maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data play an important role in DNR's ability to manage more than 5.6 million acres of state lands. They also are useful tools for businesses, governments, emergency workers, community planners, scientists, recreationalists and others who want to know more about Washington state and its unique geography.

Public Safety

DNR maps and GIS data provide information about wildfire risk and geological hazards that communities and property owners can use to assess their risks and prepare appropriately.

Providing Access for Recreation

Our Recreation Guide and Public Lands Quadrangle maps, offering information on accessing state-managed lands, are some of the most popular maps that DNR offers.

Informing the Public and Professionals

Businesses, property owners, residents and others across Washington state rely on DNR maps and GIS data to make responsible, productive, and informed decisions. Some examples include:
  • Accessing survey data to provide accurate boundary and property line information.
  • Locating the manager of an aquatic land area.
  • Using trail maps to explore DNR-managed lands.
  • Unearthing state geology through 3D surface and subsurface maps, formerly published maps, or interactive geologic maps for community planning, building, research, or general interest.
  • Tracking marine vegetation to assist resource managers as they protect and restore habitat in Puget Sound. And, in particular, eelgrass, as critical habitat and an indicator of water quality.
  • Off-road-vehicle riding, viewing wildlife, and hunting on the Green Dot Road system, which DNR manages in partnership with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and private landowners. View the maps here under the "trail maps and Green Dot Road Maps" tab.

GIS Data

Get an overview of the different kinds of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data available through DNR.

Purchase a Map Product

Available for online purchase are a State Trust Lands Map, Recreation Guide, State Forest maps, and a database of survey boundaries.

How do I get copies of aerial photos?

You can request photos through a DNR public disclosure request. You can select which photos you want to request by viewing the UW Aerial Photo Finder. Be as specific as possible with your requests. Include the following information: location, year(s), and flights of interest. There may be a fee associated with physical copies and mailing of photos.