Product Sales and Leasing

DNR manages state trust lands to produce sustainable revenue for public schools, universities, counties and other trust beneficiaries through:

Land leasing

More than 1 million acres of DNR-managed land are leased for agriculture and grazing, mining and mineral extraction and exploration, wind power, communication sites, commercial real estate, and more.

Shellfish and aquatic leasing

State aquatic lands are a ‘public trust’ for all the people of Washington. Portions of the 2.6 million acres of state-owned lakes, rivers, tidelands, beds of Puget Sound and other aquatic lands are leased for marinas, shellfish beds, rights of way, and other activities.

Product sales

DNR-managed state lands produce natural resources that contribute to our statewide economy. The agency sells products such as timber, brush, biomass byproducts, and minerals. Other DNR products include tree seedlings for replanting after harvests, maps and the Discover Pass, your ticket to Washington's great outdoors. (While considered a 'product,' small amounts of firewood for personal use may be gathered from certain DNR-managed land only with a valid permit issued by a DNR Regional Office.)

Land exchanges and transactions

Exchanging and purchasing land with other public and private parties helps improve trust land values and income potential. Fee transfers to other public agencies, public auctions, and purchases of replacement properties keep trust lands productive for long-term revenue production. Replacement lands are purchased when trust lands with special environmental values are transferred to conservation or other ownership.