DNR Activities for Kids

Welcome to the DNR's kids activity page

Here you can participate in fun, educational activities that will help you understand what the DNR does. DNR manages roughly 5.6 million acres of forest, range, agricultural, aquatic, and commercial lands across Washington.


Fun and Educating Activities

Enjoy some DNR-themed activities to help better your knowledge of some of the things the DNR manages. These activities can be done alone or with a friend! 
Fire safety graphic
Fire Safety
Across Washington's landscapes, DNR works to minimize the destruction that wildfires can cause. This division provides resources to local fire districts, manages wildfire prevention programs, sets fire precaution levels, and operates the State of Washington’s largest on-call fire department.
Million Dollar Flame Game                 
graphic of trees
Forest Activities
DNR oversees the activities of private property owners interested in harvesting timber, building or repairing forest roads or culverts, or thinning their forests. The division provides resources and monitors compliance to help protect public safety and the environment.
rocks falling graphic
DNR monitors, assess, and informs the public, planners, and municipal officials about the known risks associated with Washington's earthquakes, landslides, and volcanoes to reduce the human and financial costs of natural disasters.
                                                            Educational resources webpage
                                                            Link to volcano activities and resources
                                                            Link to earthquake activities and resources
                                                            Washington 100 geotourism
salmon jumping out of the water graphic
DNR is the steward of more than 2.6 million acres of state-owned aquatic lands and manages them to ensure environmental protection, foster water dependent uses, and encourages public access, as well as the ability to use natural resources such as shellfish.
Smokey the Bear graphic
Smokey the Bear
Across Washington's landscapes, DNR works to minimize the destruction that wildfires can cause. Smokey the Bear's objective is to educate everyone on fire prevention. 
Smokey Educator's Game                       
Smokey Coloring Book                               
                                                            Smokey's Forest Science                         
                                                            Smokey the Bear Song
                                                            Smokey Puppet Activity                       
                                                            Connect the Dots Game


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