April Timber Auction


Attention: Timber Sale Auctions

As of April 2023:
All regions will be holding hybrid style auctions. Hybrid auctions will allow interested parties to attend the auctions in person while still providing a virtual opportunity to view the auction if not able to attend. For more information, please see February 2023 Auction Announcement.
To access any of the five region auctions, follow directions and links in this document:
For instructions on how to join Teams auctions, click here.
April 2024 Bid Records 

April 2024

FSC® - This sale, or a portion of this sale, is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® US Forest Management Standard (cert no: BV-FM/COC-080501).
SFI® - This sale is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Forest Management Standard (cert no: BVC-SFIIFM-018227).
Shapefiles and geo-referenced pdf maps (GeoPDFs) for use with mobile mapping applications for sales listed below are available on the Department's File Sharing Site.
  Board Sales
County Region-- Agree#-- FSC-- SFI-- Sale Name Volume-- Value 
Cowlitz PC 104236   X Fruitful 3,053 $985,000
Ferry NE 105823   X
Updated 3/26/2024
3,852 $519,000
Lewis SPS 99064   X Tigerilla VRH & VDT 2,655 $802,000
Lewis PC 105125   X Rapid Creek 1,980 $786,000
Pacific PC 104631-104642   X
Updated 4/17/2024
7,429 $4,950,325
Snohomish NW 104449   X Kick Stand VRH VDT 5,349 $780,000
Stevens NE 105477   X Q Cheweka 2,785 $687,000
Stevens NE 105831   X Daisy Gold 4,056 $771,000
  Region Sales
County Region-- Agree#-- FSC-- SFI-- Sale Name Volume-- Value
Thurston SPS 106266    
New 3/26/2024
26 $11,000
 Federal Sales
County Region Agree#     Sale Name Volume Value