Marine Debris Removal Program

Restoration efforts at Lowman Beach
Derelict marine debris is an persistent threat to Puget Sound. The DNR Marine Debris Removal Program (MDRP) is leading efforts throughout Puget Sound to remove marine debris from our marine and estuarine waters. Projects include removing creosote-treated wood, docks, floats and other derelict floating objects.
How can I report marine debris on the shoreline?  Click on this link for help.  MyCoast is an easy way for you to report derelict marine debris to our program.
The MDRP is the sole resource for the removal of marine debris that accumulates on sensitive nearshore habitats.  Our program has skilled staff, programmatic permits, and specialized equipment and best management practices in place to safely remove and dispose of the toxic debris.
The MDRP has removed and disposed of over 6,670 tons of creosote-treated debris from Puget Sound beaches. Link to map of accomplishments.
  • Marine Debris can continue to break up into smaller pieces and be remobilized repeatedly.

  • Marine Debris can cause mortality of wildlife through ingestion and other exposures. Once these toxics enter the food web, their impacts are multiplied through bioaccumulation.

  • Derelict marine debris can pose a serious risk to navigation on structure.

Our program also partners to remove derelict submerged debris such as nets and crab pots debris. For more information see the links on the left.
Marine debris on beachStaff carrying marine debris up ramp
Staff loading marine debris onto tractor