Timber Sale Remaining Volume by Purchaser Reports

The remaining volume by purchaser reports below provide all sales by purchaser still under contract where volume remains to be harvested. This report is best used to track sale activity levels across months. Although sale sold and remaining values are listed in the report, this data should not be used to estimate potential revenues as those values shown do not represent final sale values.
Microsoft Excel report version allows filtering and sorting.
  Volume Remaining from all Sold Timber Sales
As Of Version
May 31, 2024 Excel PDF
April 30, 2024 Excel PDF
March 31, 2024 Excel PDF
February 29, 2024 Excel PDF
January 31, 2024 Excel PDF
December 31, 2023 Excel PDF
November 30, 2023 Excel PDF
October 31, 2023 Excel PDF
September 30, 2023 Excel PDF
August 31, 2023 Excel PDF
July 31, 2023 Excel PDF
June 30, 2023 Excel PDF