Unsold Timber Sales Available at Minimum Value


The following sales have been approved for auction by the Board of Natural Resources (Board Sales) or a Department Region Manager (Region Sales). These sales were previously offered for auction, but did not recieve bids and remain unsold. If sales are listed below, they are available to be bid upon at the next auction opportunity withing the region specified. The notices of sales included in each packet below will also be updated to the next upcoming auction date as applicable. To see dates for upcoming auctions, see the Timber Auction Dates page or the DNR Calendar of Events.
For any additional questions regarding bidding on a sale listed below or for more information about any given sale, please contact the Region in which the sale is located.
FSC® - This sale, or a portion of this sale, is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® US Forest Management Standard (cert no: BV-FM/COC-080501).
SFI® - This sale is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Forest Management Standard (cert no: BVC-SFIIFM-018227).
Shapefiles as well as geo-referenced pdf maps (GeoPDFs) for use with mobile mapping applications for all sales listed below are available on the Department's File Sharing Site.
  Board Sales
County Region-- Agree#-- FSC-- SFI-- Sale Name Volume Value  Previous Auction
  Region Sales
County Region-- Agree#-- FSC-- SFI-- Sale Name Volume Value Previous Auction
  Federal Sales
County Region Agree# Sale Name Volume Value Previous Auction