Derelict & Abandoned Reporting Tool (DART)

How to report a derelict vessel

To report an abandoned or derelict vessel, click here. Please provide as much information as possible. You may add up to six photographs. Make sure to hit the "Report It" button before you exit.

Be advised of the following

Derelict Vessels not only pose a hazard to the environment but also pose many hazards to people.  Please keep this in mind when gathering information and remain a safe distance from derelict vessels and DO NOT go onboard unless you are trained to do so!
For reporting in the event of a marine emergency, in the Pacific Ocean from Grays Harbor south and on the Columbia, Snake and Salmon Rivers, contact the USCG Sector Columbia River Command Center at (503) 247-4014; for emergencies in Puget Sound and in the Pacific Ocean north of Grays Harbor, contact the USCG Sector Puget Sound at (206) 217-6001.
To report vessels in Oregon, contact the Oregon State Marine Board at 503-378-8587 or via email at
To find more information on reporting a vessel in Oregon State, please click here.
To view current DNR Inventory and Removal Lists (, please click here.
Derelict vessel photo by insung yoon on Unsplash.