Bid on Removal Contracts

FOR CONTRACTORS:  Bidding on Derelict Vessel Removal

derelict vessel
Most of the work to remove and dispose of derelict and abandoned vessels on state-owned aquatic lands is done by private contractors. DNR and state agencies are required to use Washington state contract 16122 for removals over the direct-buy limit, including non-emergency removals for vessels up to 200 feet. Local government agencies may also use contractors from this list, but are not required to do so. This contract uses a pool of pre-qualified vendors to bid on planned projects.
For emergency derelict vessel services or oil spill response, DNR and state agencies are required to use Washington state contract 09321 over the direct-buy limit. This contract is used for time critical incidents or threats in which response delays may result in increased human health exposure, environmental impact, economic disruptions or clean-up costs.
If you would like to apply to become a contractor for the Vessel Removal, Disposal, or Salvage for the 16122 and/or 09321 contracts, sign up through Washington’s Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS) WEBS (  Once you have an account with WEBS, you can sign up to receive notices about the timeline for new proposals being accepted, depending on the type of work you do.   The commodity code used for derelict vessel removal and disposal is 959-77, and also 961-27, 926-45, 926-65, 545-52, and 926-78 for the Emergency 09321 contract.
For more information about the bidding process specific to state contract 16122 or 09321, contact DES CPRM Environmental and Protection 407-8728.
For more information about DNR’s Derelict Vessel Removal Program and contracting process, contact, DNR Derelict Vessel Removal Program Manager.​